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T a t h a t a V r i n d h a m N a n t e s

Sri Tathata’s vision of life

All created beings seek love, happiness and satisfaction. God is the embodiment of eternal love and it is out of love He created the world.

Sharing love with each other, enjoying life, experiencing the glories of God everywhere and realizing Him who is the spirit of Love, is the purpose lying behind creation.

A deep thirst to fulfill this purpose is actively present in all existing beings. That is why we feel unsatisfied until we are able to understand the purpose of our birth and adapt our life so as to fulfill it. This way only we will find lasting solutions to our endless problems. Dharma is the way to fulfill the purpose of our life. 

Dharma can be defined as the Divine order of things, and also the right action according to this order. God Himself is the ultimate source of Dharma. Practicing the Dharma frees us from sorrows and pains and leads us into a new life dimension that is filled with the grace of God. Dharma opens the doors to Divinity and everlasting bliss.

As we will be living in Dharma, our individual, family and social life will gradually acquire divine qualities; this will progressively translate into society becoming harmonious and nations becoming wisely governed. So will this whole Earth gradually become a place of joy, life and celebration.

The path towards perfect divinity

Evolution is a law of Nature. It requires no conscious effort up to the level of human beings: the hands of Nature directly do the work for plants, animals and the other created beings. Man only has a free will and consciousness therefore he can grow further only through a conscious effort on his part. This is why the path of Dharma should start from the early years of life. It will be easier to help the consciousness to develop in a child, before desires take hold of his mind.

In a growing child, the development of consciousness comes about through the flow of cosmic energy. Knowledge of the reality behind the world and knowledge of the world itself will have to be continuously integrated as he grows. Then inner vision and real intelligence will come to him. This is the most important aspect of practicing Dharma in the early years of life.Such an integrated knowledge and a higher level of consciousness will be priceless when it comes to making our family and social life auspicious and happy.

Practicing Dharma will make our every day life more and more divine. We will then be raised to a human-Divine stage whereby we can become instruments to transform society and the whole nation into a reflection of the Divine order. This will lead to a divine order among countries and the whole world will become divine. A new world, in which life means perfect enjoyment, is really possible on earth! In fact the Divine Will calls upon us to actively take our part in this cosmic evolution.

The middle path

A majority of people think that the world they see through their senses is the only reality. They seek pleasure from the outer world. They are unconcerned about the truth beyond the material world. Others, including many spiritual seekers, claim that this world is unreal and only God, Brahma, the Absolute etc. is réal.

Therefore they only strive to merge with the Absolute and consider that life in the world is opposite to their goal. But according to the Middle Path both these extreme views are incorrect:

The world is the smile of God and God is the Reality underlying everything.

To practice the Middle Path we have to steadily focus our mind on the unmoving centre of our being whilst also doing our part in the flow of life in the outer world.Many great Masters of the past advocated the Middle Path. Sri Tathata renews and expands on this philosophy, adapting it to our Time